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Works in Public: Helen Draves & Susan Markowitz Meredith

July 6, 2023
August 31, 2024
Riverside Park South

Installation view of Helen Draves' Hope (right) and Susan Markowitz Meredith's LIFE DANCE (left) in Riverside Park South.

The Art Students League of New York and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation is proud to present new Works in Public sculptures at Riverside Park South. The year-long outdoor public art exhibition at Riverside Park South in Manhattan features new site-specific artwork by League artists Helen Draves and Susan Markowitz Meredith. Two additional projects will be unveiled in fall 2023.

Helen Draves (b. South Korea) lives in Long Island, NY. Working across media, Draves explores the passage of time and its physical and metaphorical impact on memory. In her Works in Public sculpture titled Hope, Draves continues these themes in an empathetic reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by a childhood memory of folding paper cranes, which have long been recognized as symbols of hope and healing, Draves created a collection of ceramic birds that when arranged together form the shape of a medical mask. The sculpture also includes medical masks cast in resin, which are transcribed with open-sourced messages intended to express the hope, loss, and memories of those affected by the pandemic, to serve as a reminder of the power of art to facilitate healing, foster connections, and inspire hope.

Esta escultura, representación visual de la experiencia del COVID-19 que afectó profundamente las vidas de tantas personas y que sin duda dejará una huella permanente en la historia de la humanidad, encarna la resiliencia, la pérdida y la unidad mundiales. Los mensajes procedentes de todo el mundo representan las conexiones mantenidas a pesar del aislamiento, invocando la reflexión y la esperanza.

Susan Markowitz Meredith (b. Denver, Colorado) lives in New York, NY. Meredith’s LIFE DANCE features three intertwining three-dimensional forms, representing the concept of mutual arising. Drawing inspiration from intertwining spiral forms found in nature, the three central shoots rise from a common source and engage with each other. Each shoot carries a progression of transparent step-like forms that serve as metaphors for an intangible growth process–suggesting that individual experiences are not isolated and that society grows and flourishes by embracing our differences and recognizing our interconnections.

El fundamento de Life Dance es la espiral, cuyaforma encarna la naturaleza cíclica de la existencia. Cada espiral de laescultura, con su progresión de pasos en forma de hoja, es una metáfora delcrecimiento. A medida que las espirales se entrelazan, sugieren lainterconexión de toda la vida, ya que nada existe de forma aislada.


About Works in Public

Works in Public is a professional development program founded in 2010 in partnership with The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to guide League students through the process of creating large-scale sculpture for outdoor public spaces within the context of one-year and two-year programs at the Art Students League of New York. Under the guidance of Works in Public alumni Haksul Lee and Natsuki Takauji, alongside instructors at the League, the program supports artist-participants in every phase of the conception, creation, and installation of site-specific public sculpture, culminating in a one-year public exhibition at Riverside Park and Riverside Park South.

Call for proposals for the 2024 iteration of Works in Public will be open through July 9, 2023, with selections announced in August 2023. The 2023 jurors are artist Chakaia Booker and Brett Littman, outgoing Director of The Isamu NoguchiFoundation and Garden Museum.


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The Art Student League of New York programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature. We gratefully acknowledge leadership support for Works in Public from The Harry Feinberg Family Foundation and John Padgett. Works in Public is also made possible with the major support of Dr. Lawrence Spielberger & Dr. Greta Spanierman FamilyFoundation, Ludmila Schwartzenberg Bidwell, Susan Dryfoos and Kathleen H.Seidel. Additional support is also provided by the Brigitte and William Crovello Foundation Inc.