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Establish a Bequest

By establishing a bequest, you will be recognized as a member of our 1875 Society, and enjoy special privileges such as invitations to VIP events and recognition on the League’s website and in our Instructors Catalog.

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Join the many League members, friends, and supporters who have recognized the League in their estate plans

These generous bequests are a major reason that the League has thrived for nearly 150 years, and why we know it will live on for another 150 and beyond. Your bequest can create a named scholarship fund, endow an instructor or other staff position, support a particular artistic program area such as drawing, painting, sculpting, or mixed media, or can simply direct funds to where they are most needed, ensuring that the League’s mission lives on for future generations.

Designate your gift

There are multiple ways to support the League through planned giving, including listing us as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, retirement plan, pension, or other assets. In preparation for any planned gifts, you should speak to your attorney or accountant to find out what options and tax advantages will work best for you.

The Art Students League has partnered with FreeWill to offer a free estate planning tool to our community.

To begin the process of designating your gift, click the button below.

Thank you to our 1875 Society Members

Barbara Bachner
Karen J. Beckhardt
Diana Berchan
Ludmila S. Bidwell
Marcie Vesel Bronkar
James D. Constantinople
Oldyna M. Dynowska
Gail H. Eisenfeld
Leonard Epstein
Jack Faragasso
John Ferdico
Diane Ferdico
Gaile S. Gibbs Warren
Leah S. Gordon
Janice Guttman
Margo Hammerschlag
Elizabeth Mary Harington
Thomas E. Harvey
Inge J. Heus
Kenneth L. Johnson
John Kneapler
Jakki Kouffman
Liebe Lamstein
Roxanne Lorch Lipman
Lenore L. Lysun
Janet A. Nacca
Lynn Padwe
Michael J. Pellettieri
Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Michael Ryan
Dana Stoddard Sachs
Betsy Shepardson
Christine Stanfield
Helen Thomas-Williams
John Timberlake
Larry J. Walden
Charles Wessendorf
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