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The Art Students League is committed to keeping tuition affordable for anyone pursuing their art journey. In addition to our affordable monthly tuition, which represents only about half of the actual cost of classes, the League has several scholarships and grants available for students to apply for additional tuition relief.

About Scholarships & Grants

Every student at the League benefits from our affordable monthly tuition, which represents only about half of the actual cost of classes. Additionally, students are eligible to apply for tuition relief through the League's merit-based scholarships and grants.

Unless otherwise stated, grants cover the cost of tuition for one year of full time study at the League plus a cash award, and are open only to students who are League members in good standing. The League's scholarships cover the cost tuition for full or part time study and are open to all current students as well as prospective new students who have not attended classes at the League before.

The League’s scholarship program is historic. It has continued to grow each year with renewed involvement from donors and foundations, as well as existing the legacy scholarship funds that have been the foundation of this program from decades.

Notable artists who have received League scholarships include Norman Rockwell, James Rosenquist, Tschabalala Self, and more.

Applications Open Spring 2024

Applications for scholarships and grants open in the Spring of each year. See our Application Guidelines for information about the application process and eligibility.

Applications for Scholarships and Grants are currently closed.

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Who is eligible for League scholarships and grants?

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Generally, League scholarships are open to anyone who wishes to apply. Grants are typically reserved for current League students and members. Individual scholarships and grants may have their own specific criteria. For more information about a particular award or eligibility requirements, see our Submittable application above.

How large does my portfolio have to be to apply for a scholarship or grant?

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Generally, applicants must submit three digital images of artwork to be judged with their application. Artworks in multiple panels (diptych, triptych) must be submitted as single image files. Individual works of sculpture may be photographed from multiple angles, but must be submitted as a single image file. Our Submittable application above, which includes the full details of our application requirements.

Is League Membership required to apply for a scholarship or grant?

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You do not have to be League member or have studied at the League in order to apply for a League scholarship. To be eligible for a grant from League, you have be a League member in good standing.

I've already been awarded a Merit Scholarship or grant in the past. Can I apply again?

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Unfortunately, prior Merit Scholarship recipients are ineligible to apply for an additional scholarship. Past recipients of a specific grant may not reapply for the same grant, but may apply for other grants—the only grant that is an exception to this rule is the Nessa Cohen grant.

Does my medium or discipline matter?

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When applying for a Merit Scholarship, students must apply in one of three categories (Realism, Abstract, or Semi-Abstract/Semi-Objective).

Eligibility for grants is keyed to your area of concentration. For example, students who have been registered only in a sculpture class will not be eligible for painting grants.

Can I be awarded multiple League grants or scholarships?

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Eligible students may apply for any number of grants, but may receive only one award during the competition. Students who apply for more than one grant, and subsequently win an award, will be withdrawn from other awards of lesser value. Students winning a scholarship and then a grant automatically cede the award of lesser value.


League Grants will only be awarded to League members in good standing.

Nessa Cohen Grant for students not registered in painting or pastel classes

Harvey & Lois Dinnerstein Grant for Realism

The Bruce Dorfman Grant for Assemblage/Mixed Media

Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant for students of painting for travel and study in Spain

The Kuniyoshi Award for students of painting or printmaking

Ann and Bruno Lucchesi Grant for students of traditional figurative sculpture in clay

Gregory Lysun Grant for students of painting working in a representational style

Phyllis H. Mason Grant for students of painting working in a representational style

Doreta Kesson Masterton Grant for students of painting working in a representational style

Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant for unmarried students available for travel and study in Europe

Donn Russell Grant for artist materials

Lloyd Sherwood Grant for a student working in a nonobjective style in oil, acrylic, or mixed media

Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are open to anyone who wishes to apply.

The American Artists Professional League Scholarship for students of realism

Ruth Katzman Scholarship, in loving memory of her parents, Lilian and Max Katzman

Ezra Jack Keats Scholarships for Illustration (2) for BIPOC artists with an interest in children’s book illustration

Richard Lahey and Carlotta Gonzales Lahey Memorial Scholarship

Richard Lillis Memorial Scholarship

Reginald Marsh and Felicia Meyer Marsh Scholarship

The Henri Matisse Estate Scholarship

Anthony Palumbo Scholarship for figurative drawing

Charlotte Howard Porter Scholarship

Portraits for Good Scholarship for BIPOC artists working in figurative painting

Ruth Price Memorial Scholarship

Jordan H. Prince Scholarship

George A. Rada Memorial Scholarship for artists working in the realist tradition

John M. Regan Jr. Scholarship

Martha T. Rosen Memorial Scholarship

Leonard Rosenfeld Scholarship

Hillard Schneider Scholarship for sculpture

The Adam and Susan Strider Scholarship for watercolor

Richard Tweedy Drawing Scholarship

Sol Tanne Scholarship Ventura Family Scholarship for printmaking

Charles Blaze Vukovich Scholarship

Vaclav Vytlacil Memorial Scholarship, gift of Dr. Henry L. Segal and Evelyn Buff Segal

Davyd Whaley Memorial Scholarship for abstract painting

Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Scholarship for women

Norma Adler Scholarship for students of abstract art

Adolf H. and Ada Aldrich Scholarship for students of realism and semi-realism

American Watercolor Society Scholarship

Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation Scholarship

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Blake Scholarship

Elizabeth A. Clarke Scholarship

The Ronnie Cutler Award for students of oil painting

Janet and Russell Doubleday Scholarship

Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarships

The Joe Eula Scholarship for artists whose work focuses on drawing

Vivian A. Frankel Scholarship for sculptors

Trudy and Henry Gillette Painting Scholarship

Trudy and Henry Gillette Sculpture Scholarship

Sidney Glusman Scholarship

Denise Suzanne Golinger Scholarship

Ray E. Goodbred Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of Rose Raymond Goodbred and Edward Stone Goodbred

Roberta Goode Scholarship

Margo L. H. Hammerschlag Scholarship

Ardis Hughes Scholarship

Antoinette Jacoby Scholarship

James C. Johnson Scholarship for sculptors

The Zena Kaplan Scholarship for women

Gerda Karr Scholarship for sculptors

Additional Tuition Relief

Additional needs-based tuition relief is available through our Director's Scholarship and our work-study program. The Director's Scholarships is a need-based program that awards scholarships at the discretion of the administration.

To be considered for a Director's Scholarship, please email Tom Tacik, at

The work-study program was established to assist artists who demonstrate financial need and artistic merit. Work-study applications are accepted throughout the year and are available on a limited basis. Once awarded, the applicant works four hours per week at the League in exchange for a scholarship that covers approximately 75% of the monthly class tuition for one school year (September through May). Scholarship recipients are responsible to pay the remaining balance of the class fee and all other fees applicable during time of monthly registration. The Work-Study Coordinator assigns work-study scholarships.

To be considered for a the Work-Study program, please email Astrid Rodriguez, at

Apply for Director’s Scholarship

Work Study and Director’s Scholarships Supporters

Thank you to our generous supporters!

Mary S. Litt and the Litt Foundation

Janine Luke Fund, in memory of Nina Schick

The Gloria Caruso Murray Scholarship Fund

The National Association of Women Artists

The New York Foundation in honor of Maria Mottola

The Pastel Society of America

The Sara Roby Scholarship Fund

Sidney Simon Memorial Fund

Theodore Adam Smith, in memory of his brother, Robert L. Smith

The Stillman-Lack Foundation, in memory of Ary Stillman

Benedict M. Tatti Scholarship Fund, established by the Tatti Family

Sydney Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by Ada Abrams

Doreen Booker Bibro Scholarship for women over 40.

Funding for the Work-Study Scholarship Program has been made possible by generous League supporters over the years including:

William and Doris Adelman Memorial Scholarship Fund

John D. Alexander in memory of M. Zelwian

Edward E. Block Martha Moore and Louis A. Burnett Olin Dows Estate

Peter and Jane Coleman

Jacques and Natasha Gelman Trust

Edward Gilbert Estate

Emilie I. Guntrum

Helen Herman

Hans and Dr. Emma I. Jacoby

Kathleen I. Kudra Award

The Hans Langhammer Family Scholarship Fun

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Naming a scholarship or grant is a very meaningful way to honor a cherished family member or friend.  To inquire about establishing a grant or scholarship, please email Elizabeth Kingman, Director of Development at

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