Scholarships & Grants

The Art Students League is committed to keeping tuition affordable for anyone pursuing their art journey.

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Explore our merit-based scholarships and grants

Every student at the League benefits from our affordable monthly tuition, which represents only about half of the actual cost of classes. Additionally, students are eligible to apply for tuition relief through the League's merit-based scholarships and grants.

The League’s scholarship program is historic. It has continued to grow each year with renewed involvement from donors and foundations, as well as existing the legacy scholarship funds that have been the foundation of this program from decades.

Notable artists who have received League scholarships include Norman Rockwell, James Rosenquist, Tschabalala Self, and more.

Featured Awards

League scholarships cater to students with a variety of interests.

The American Artists Professional League Scholarship
for students of realism
Anthony Palumbo Scholarship
for students of figurative drawing
Davyd Whaley Memorial Scholarship
for students of abstract painting
Hillard Schneider Scholarship
for students of sculpture
James C. Johnson Scholarship
for students of sculpture
Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarships
Richard Tweedy Drawing Scholarship

Sol Tanne Scholarship