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Membership at the Art Students League is an essential part of building your career and connecting to a community of likeminded artists.

About the Membership

Connect with a network fellow artists and access exclusive benefits

League Members fulfill our founders’ mission by meeting the objectives laid out in the Art Students League constitution: the maintenance of an academic school of art, and the cultivation of a spirit of fraternity among art students.

Their commitment has enabled the League and its artists to thrive for nearly 150 years.

To this day, becoming a League Member is a considered milestone achievement that reflects an artist’s commitment and potential, as well as their acceptance into a network of artists who learn, grow, and succeed together.

Membership Benefits

Membership will give you access to fellow artists, special opportunities, and exclusive benefits that can help you develop as a student and an artist.

Seeking gallery representation
Learn how to build an invaluable platform to showcase your work, gain credibility in the art world, and reach a broader audience.
Understanding primary market basics
Learn how to navigate the artist-dealer relationship in order to effectively market your work
Content strategy for artists
Learn how to effectively build and connect with your audience through your digital portfolio, social media, and public speaking.
Writing artists statements
Learn to communicate your creative intentions and perspectives for viewers, curators, and collectors. Write an artist statement and elevator pitch that will build your career.
Photographing your work
Accurately photograph your work for use in promotions and digital media.
Applying for grants and residencies
Discover how to win financial support, dedicated time and space to create, and access to a supportive artistic community.
Show your work to artworld professionals
Review your work with different artworld professionals — including curators, dealers and other artists — who will provide constructive feedback and critique.
And much more
Receive additional resources, mentorship, and opportunities to amplify your artistic endeavors.

Join us today

Any student who has completed at least 210 hours of studio classes at the Art Students League is eligible to apply for membership.

Prospective members are nominated by current members and voted in during the Members Business Meeting according to the procedure outlined in the League's constitution.

After 10 years as a member in good standing, members become life members, and dues are no longer required.

To learn more about how to become a member, click the link below.