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Skyscraper National Park: Scenes of New York from the League’s Collection

September 29, 2023
April 4, 2024
Café Atelier, 3rd Floor

Emily Trueblood, Night Tower, 2000, Two-block linocut.

From its bridges and parks to the towering monoliths where people live and work, New York City has always been a source of inspiration for the creatives who dwell within it. This exhibition presents a selection of works from the Art Students League’s permanent collection, featuring its home and Muse: New York City.

For nearly 150 years, the League has made New York City its home. Starting its life on Fifth Avenue and Sixteenth Street, the League moved around the city until it settled on 57th Street in 1892. League artists have never been relegated to just the studios, as they create works en plein air, in the streets, on the subway, and at home – turning everyday scenes of the city into works of art.  

Made throughout the 20th century, the works in this exhibition capture intimate moments within the sometimes-overwhelming landscape of the city, highlighted in Reginald Marsh’s scene of Wall Street and Emily Trueblood’s view unto the Empire State Building. From Mavis Pusey and James Allen, whose works foreground the comradery of the construction site, to Alexander Calder and Terry Hass who illustrate the warmth of the city’s parks, artists have reveled in each corner of the five boroughs. The works intimate the relatability of the New York experience: Barney Tobey’s bustling subway, Ruth Friedman’s bodega newsstand, Arthur Cohen’s view of the Brooklyn Bridge, and Emily Trueblood’s rooftop water tower – all prompting us to ask, “Remember that time when...”  Each are a part of the tapestry that makes up the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, adding vibrancy and depth to this concrete jungle.

Featured artists: James Allen, Alexander Calder, Arthur Cohen, Ruth Friedman, Terry Haass, Reginald Marsh, Mavis Pusey, Barney Tobey, Emily Trueblood

This exhibition is curated by Esther Moerdler, Curatorial Assistant.