Michael Pellettieri


Michael Pellettieri has been teaching at The Art Students League since 1977. He has lectured at Pratt Institute and Kalakshetra Academy (India), and has taught printmaking at Columbia University.

He says, “The search for a visual idea begins with a visual experience. The idea ruminates and evolves with a life of its own. As an instructor, I am interested in exploring this creative route together with students in an atmosphere of structure and discovery.”

“I enjoy meeting each student when they first come to class. Students come to printmaking from varied backgrounds; I prefer to discuss with each of them which of the four media I teach will be most appropriate for their experience.”

Mr. Pellettieri studied at The League with Edwin Dickinson, Joseph Hirsch, Robert Beverly Hale, and Harry Sternberg. He has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the CUNY, School of Arts and Sciences, and an M.A. from Hunter College. He studied printmaking at The New School with John Ross. While a League student, he won three scholarships, including a U.S. State Department Grant to study in India.

He has received many awards for printmaking and painting including a MacDowell Colony Fellowship in 1988. His prints and paintings have been exhibited in numerous New York galleries including Associated American Artists, the Weyhe Gallery, and the New Renaissance Gallery. He is represented by the Old Print Shop, where his most recent exhibition featured new paintings.

Mr. Pellettieri is included in the collections of the Newark Art Library; the American Medical Association; Kidder, Peabody & Co., New York; the Ben Goldstein Collection; the Franz Greierhass Collection; Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina; the University of North Dakota; the New York Public Library; the Dave and Reba Williams Collection; the Library of Congress; and the National Gallery.

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