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Student Salons 2024

January 8, 2024
May 25, 2024
Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery

Our annual series of Student Salons showcases work from every discipline taught at the League with new exhibitions featuring several classes on display each week. The Student Salons are a great way to become familiar with the work created in League classes as well as a unique opportunity to encounter work by League artists in the early stages of their careers.


Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm

Sunday: Closed

Closed 1–2 PM daily.



Current Class Exhibitions

5/20 – 5/25 (Comics Week)

Steven Walker: Inking for Comics and Sequential Art
Steven Walker: Comics and Sequential Art
Steven Walker: Storytelling for Comics, Illustration, and Storyboards
Steven Walker: Dynamic Anatomy and Life Drawing
Greg Follender: Comic Book Figure Drawing
Jeff Buckland: Art for Animation
Umakanth Thumrugoti: Drawing From Life: An In-Depth Course in Life Drawing
Umakanth Thumrugoti: Drawing Animals
Oscar Garcia: Sculpting in Wax

1/8 – 1/13
Henry Finkelstein, Drawing and Painting
Michelle Liebler: Total beginner in Painting and Drawing
Jon deMartin: Life Drawing

1/16 – 1/20
Marshall Jones: Contemporary Narrative Painting
John Varriano: Painting from Life
John Varriano: Constructive Figure Drawing
Jerry Weiss: Drawing and Painting from Life

1/22 – 1/27
Ronnie Landfield: Drawing, Painting, Color, Design
Frank O'Cain: Painting, Color, Design
Charles Nitzberg: Fashion Illustration

1/29 – 2/3
Costa Vavagiakis: Figure and Portrait Drawing
Max Ginsburg: Painting from Life
Ellen Eagle: Pastel Painting

2/5 – 2/10
Deborah Winiarski: Mixed Media, Collage, Painting, and Dimensional Art
• Margaret McCann: Colorful Still Life Painting
• Margaret McCann: Painting, Composition, Color

2/12 – 2/17 (Childrens)
Martha Bloom: Evolving Artistry for Children Ages 8-12
Wendy Shalen: Portfolio Development the Figure and Self-Portrait
Susan Cirigliano: Childrens Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media
Sonomi Kobayashi: Children's 8-12 Years Old Drawing, Painting, Design, Composition

2/20 – 2/24
Garin Baker: Drawing from the Inside Out
Garin Baker: Direct Figure and Portrait Painting
Frank Webster: Watercolor Techniques
Lisa Dinhofer: Color Essentials with Color Pencil
Peter Bonner: Abstraction - Inspiration & Development of Ideas

2/26 – 3/2
• Bruce Dorfman: Combined Media, Assemblage, Art in Three Dimensions
• James Little: Non-Objective Painting, Color and Design
• Martha Bloom: Conceptual, Abstract and Naturalistic Mixed Media
• Frank Porcu: Anatomy for Artists
• Frank Porcu: Structural Drawing
• Frank Porcu: Ecorché Class, Sculptural Anatomy
• Frank Porcu: Sculpting the Figure in Clay - The Additive Anatomical Approach

3/4 – 3/9
• Bennett Vadnais: Landscape/Cityscape
• Bennett Vadnais: Metropolitan Copying
• Douglas Safranek: Egg Tempera
• Elizabeth Allison: Expressive Watercolor
• Elizabeth Allison: Clay Sculpture

3/11 – 3/16
• Dean Hartung: Fresco Painting
• Silya Kiese: Arts & Writing Class
• Heather Hutchison: Mixed Media, Assemblage and Relief
• Leonid Lerman: Advanced Mixed Media
• Leonid Lerman: Stone and Wood Carving

3/18 – 3/23
• Pat Lipsky: Painting, with an Emphasis on 20th & 21st Century Discourse
• Sherry Camhy: Life Drawing to Painting, All Media
• Augustine Boyce Cummings: Conceptual Painting, Ideas and Art Making in 2D & 3D
• Yasumitsu Morito: Ceramic Sculpture (Mon—Fri,AM & PM)

3/25 – 3/30 (Teens)
• Alison Causer: Teen: Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media
• Marilyn Friedman: Teen: Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media
• Mark Gonzales: Drawing Development for Teens
• Mark Gonzales: Figure Drawing for the Young Artist

4/1 – 4/6
• Larry Poons / Liv Larsen: Painting, Color, Design, Composition
• Jill Nathanson: Abstract Painting, Future, Past, Personal
• Peter Reginato: Drawing with Color
• Donna Mitchell: Painting, Composition, Color
• Yasumitsu Morito: Ceramic Sculpture (Mon–Fri, LPM & Wed–Thu, EVE)

4/8 – 4/13 (Printmaking Week)
• Sylvie Covey: Printmaking - Etching, Photo-Etching, Lithography
• Georgia Kung: Etching, Relief, Monoprint, Lithography, Silkscreen
• Michael Pellettieri: Printmaking: Etching, Lithography, Woodcut
• Tomomi Ono: Printmaking, Etching, Lithography, Woodcut
• Arslan: Sculpture & Modeling in Clay

4/15 – 4/20
• Greg Follender: Fundamentals of Figure Drawing
• Greg Follender: The Vital Line: Short Pose Figure Drawing
• Sharon Sprung: Painting from Life, Portraiture
• Joseph Peller: Painting Light and Color from Life
• Marilyn Friedman: Sculpting in Clay

4/22 – 4/27
• Brandon Soloff / Richard Piloco: Figure Drawing
• Brandon Soloff / Richard Piloco: Alla Prima Still Life Painting
• Mary Beth McKenzie: Painting from Life
• Phil Padwe: Drawing from the Cast
• Cliff Dufton: Metal Sculpture: Welding and Fabrication
• Natsuki Takauji: Metal Sculpture: Welding and Fabrication

4/29 – 5/4
• Leonid Gervits: Painting from Life, Portraiture, and Composition
• Sam Goodsell: Painting from Life
• Sam Goodsell: Painting and Drawing from Life
• Jason Yarmosky: Elements of Drawing, Anatomy for Artists
• Haksul Lee: Metal Sculpture: Welding and Fabrication
• Cliff Dufton / Natsuki Takauji: Metal Sculpture: Welding and Fabrication

5/6 – 5/11
• Ricky Mujica: Painting from Life
• Dan Gheno: Painting from Life, Portraiture and Composition
• Dan Gheno: Painting and Drawing
• Sequoyah Aono: Sculpture, Carving in Wood and Stone

5/13 – 5/18
• Gregg Kreutz: Painting from Life, Portraiture
• Gregg Kreutz: Drawing from Life
• Robin Smith: Painting the Figure and Portrait
• Mark Gonzales: Painting the Portrait and Figure in Watercolor
• Michael Burban: Elements of Figure Drawing, Anatomy
• Daisuke Kiyomiya: Sculpture, Stone and Wood Carving