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2024 Grant & Merit Scholarship Exhibition

July 18, 2024
August 17, 2024
Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, 2nd Fl

Kenichi Ikeda, Dragon fruits, 2022, oil on board, 12 x 16 in.

The Art Students League is pleased to celebrate the 2023 grant and merit scholarship winners. This exhibition showcases new and recent works by close to fifty artists who won awards last year. Join us for the opening reception, July 18, 6–8 PM.

Each year, hundreds of artists compete and are awarded grants and merit scholarships by an invited jury of artists, critics, and gallerists who consider applications in the mediums of painting, sculpture, printmaking, and watercolor as well as the categories of abstraction, realism, and semi-abstract/semi-objective. The result is a diverse range of artists and artworks. In 2023, portfolios were reviewed by artists Marc Dennis, Michael Joo, Ryan McGinness, Bill Saylor and curators Samantha Friedman, Caroline L. Gillaspie, Melissa Ho, Amy Smith Stewart, and Christina Weyl.

The League’s grants program awards League Members funds to cover full-time study at the League, inspirational travel, and expansion of artistic practice. Grants are made possible by support from our generous donors. Merit Scholarships are given in support of full-time study at the League to current and new students alike and are made possible by the support of the Friends of the League and other generous donors.

For a full list of named scholarship supporters, please visit our website.‍

Applications for scholarships and grants open in the Spring of each year. See our Scholarships & Grants page for information about the application process and eligibility.

Featured Artists:

  • Carolina Cardoso
      Donn Russell Grant for Artist Materials
  • Tomas Daskam
      Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Milan Debert
      Sidney Glusman Scholarship
  • Elaine Eliah
           Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Scholarship
  • Matt Elzweig
    Leonard Rosenfeld Scholarship
  • Imani Ford
      Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Jeannie Friedman
    Denise Suzanne Golinger Scholarship
  • Amy Glaswand
    Anthony Palumbo Scholarship
  • Alison Green
      Nessa Cohen Grant for Sculpture and Works on Paper
  • Victoria Grimon
      Martha T. Rosen Scholarship
  • Douglass Guy
    Kuniyoshi Award for Painting
  • Sam Handler
    Harvey & Lois Dinnerstein Grant for Realism
  • L Ja Hkam
    Kuniyoshi Award for Printmaking
  • Francis Hsueh
    American Watercolor Society Award
  • Kenichi Ikeda
    Gregory Lysun Grant for Figure Painting
  • Mikhail Ilin
    Lloyd Sherwood Grant for Abstract Painting
  • Akihito Izumi
    Jordan H. Prince Scholarship
  • Kathleen Jansyn
    Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant
  • Pamela Jennings
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Seonyoung Kim
      Xavier Gonzalez & Ethel Edwards Travel Grant
  • Kazuko Kobayashi
    Norma Adler Scholarship
  • Ann Kraus
    John M. Regan Jr. Scholarship
  • Natalia Kropf
      Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Chia Hsuan Kuo
      Ann and Bruno Lucchesi Grant for Sculpture
  • Taehyub Lee
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Amanda Wingyi Leung
    Bruce Dorfman Grant for Mixed Media & Assemblage
  • Dmytro Levdanski
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Syd Lewis
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Oren Loloi
    Sol Tanne Scholarship
  • Uma Maldonado
    American Artists Professional League Scholarship
  • Norbert Masal
    Trudy and Henry Gillette Sculpture Scholarship
  • Cheng Meng
    Phyllis H. Mason Grant for Figure Painting
  • Gail Meyers
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Shiri Mordechay
    Ardis Hughes Scholarship
  • Mary Ann Moy
    Nessa Cohen Grant for Sculpture and Works on Paper
  • Saema Nabeel
    George A. Rada Memorial Scholarship
  • Maggie O'Keefe
    Joe Eula Scholarship
  • Luis Romero Martinez
    Xavier Gonzalez & Ethel Edwards Travel Grant
  • Chiva Soriano
      Richard Tweedy Drawing Scholarship
  • Tanya Miao Sun
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Tomoko Takeda
    Ruth Price Memorial Scholarship
  • Ines Tique Ribeiro
      Elizabeth Cady Stanton Blake Scholarship
  • Rafael Trujillo
      Ruth Katzman Scholarship
  • Yuko Uchida
    Elizabeth A. Clarke Scholarship
  • Melissa Vadakara
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Ebony Vizcarrondo
    Trudy and Henry Gillette Painting Scholarship
  • Jane Wechsler
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship
  • Kenny Young
    Margaret Stefan Draughon Scholarship

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