Young Artists at the League

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The Benefits of Being a Young Artist at the League

The League provides the perfect opportunity for young artists to develop their eye, build a portfolio, or gain experience equivalent to or better than those offered by expensive MFA programs.

Young artists can enroll in the League's monthly classes at any time of year, and most classes do not require previous experience and include artists at all levels and from all backgrounds.

Special classes are available for artists ages 8 to 17 years old. Many of our normal monthly classes are open to teenaged artists as well. Beyond gaining skills that are necessary for building a flourishing career in the arts or arts-related fields, students enrolled in League classes are eligible to showcase their work in annual exhibitions that are free and open to the public.

Classes for Artists Age 8–12

There are multiple class options available to our youngest artmakers, in which students work closely with expert Art Students League instructors on exercises that build creative skills and understanding of basic fine art technique, while encouraging experimentation and free expression.


Evolving Artistry for Children with Martha Bloom

Drawing Painting and Mixed Media with Susan Cirigliano

Drawing, Painting, Design, Composition with Sonomi Kobayashi

Figure Drawing for the Young Artist with Mark Gonzalez (Open to Ages 11–14)


Young Artists Class with Marilyn Friedman (Open to Ages 10–13)

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Do I need to bring my own supplies?

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Yes, please bring your own class supplies. Supply lists can be found in each respective class description within our classes webpage whether it’s our in-person atelier classes, online Zoom e-telier classes, or in-person workshops.

My child is a talented 7-year-old. Can they join the 8-12 class?

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No, but once they reach their 8th birthday, you can register them as early as that very day. In the meanwhile, create a free account for them here so they’re in our system and ready to go.

My child needs a portfolio to get into a special program/school/opportunity. What are their options?

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We have Portfolio Development with Wendy Shalen on Sunday mornings, which are not pro-rated if you join late, but you may join them late if you miss the beginning. These Portfolio Development programs run three times a year for 2 months at a time. The summer Portfolio Development session is three weeks. You can also use a loose roadmaps to create portfolio-ready work with teen-friendly classes like Still Life Painting with Amy Wieskopf on Saturdays or Drawing and Anatomy (clothed model) with Steve Walker on Sunday mornings, for example. Call us today at 212.457.4510 and hit 6 at the prompt to speak with a live registrar for more details regarding your class options that can help with your specific portfolio needs.

I’m in high school and need extra studio hours to satisfy my art magnet school graduation requirements. What are my options?

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For clothed models, we have two classes that occur each month: Figure Drawing for the Young Artist (ages 11-14) on Fridays 4:50 PM–6:50 PMand Dynamic Anatomy and Life Drawing on Sundays 9 PM–12:30 PM. Call us today at 212.457.4510 and hit 6 at the prompt to speak with a live registrar for more details regarding the best classes to match your unique needs.